Titanium Dioxide – Food Additive

Titanium Dioxide – Food Additive

Products Made by Titanium Dioxide Anatase A200:

Medicine, food, cosmetics, Interior-wall latex painting, inner decorative painting, Road Paint, Powder coating, Primer Paint, Rubber, Paper, Leather, Soap, Glass, Ceramics, Enamel and Fiber.

Main Property of Titanium Dioxide Anatase A200
a.  Low heavy metal
b.  Excellent dispersion
c.  Good whiteness
d.  High tinting power

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Product Description:
A200 is anatase titanium dioxide pigment manufactured by the sulphate process adopting international advanced technology and devices. It is designed to aim at reducing the heavy-metal content.

Basic Information:
1. Classification: Titanium Dioxide
2. CAS No.: 13463-67-7
3. EINECS No.: 236-675-5
4. MF: TiO2
5. Purity (%): 98.5 min
6. Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
7. Appearance: White Powder
8. Application: Painting, Plastic, Paper-making, Printing Ink, Rubber etc.
10. Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)
11. Packaging Detail: Packed in 25kg / kraft paper bag


Technical Specification:

TiO2 Content, %  ≥98.5
Color (Compared with the Standard Sample)Better than
Tint-reducing Power (Compared with the Standard Sample), %  ≥105
Volatile (105º C), %  ≤0.2
Water Soluble, %  ≤0.2
PH of Water Suspension6.5~8.0
Oil Absorption, g/100g  ≤20
Residue (45μ m), %  ≤0.05
Pb10 ppm
Hg0.1 ppm
As5 ppm
Acid Soluble Matter, %  ≤0.5