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About Us

Jingna Technology

JINGNA was established in 2013,started as a trading company, being an agent for clients worldwide with purchasing services, suppliers inspection and projects set up. After 7 years of efforts, team members increased from 3 to around 300, involved in both Pharmaceutical industry and Medical consumable devices. As a result, the management of the company started to build self-own factory sites for medical devices and pharmaceutical products from 2 years ago with the goal of bettering cost and time control ability. We have multiple diverse options for you!

Up to present, JINGNA specializes in pen injectors, medical consumable devices, pharmaceutical raws, API, cosmetics and peptides powder. It provides targeted development business of drug delivery system integrated with bio-pharmaceuticals, gene pharmaceuticals, such as insulin, liraglutide, exenatide, cosmetic peptides, anti-biochemical,human growth, body hormone and bodybuilding, etc…

Why Choose Us ?

Our exclusively advantages make us the best choice of you.

Quick Response

Response within 24 hrs. OEM & ODM services are available.

Partnership Orientation

Not only transaction with clients but also the view of long-term cooperation to stay strong in business with fully discussion and analysis on clients’ market plans and demand!

Optional Proposals

Diverse proffesional solutions and proposals will be provided with sufficient information for options!

Shipment Arrangement

We offer shipping services with our strong resources for those clients who need help on shipment.


We offer reasonable warranty time for our different products!

Project and Purchasing Services

New projects set up and complex purchasing services.

Main Products & Services

Comprehensive products lines with actual project solutions ready!

Injection Pens
Injection Pens for Insulin/Hgh Human Growth Hormone/Peptides Delivery
Pharmaceutical APIs/Raws
Diverse Pharmaceutical Products Including API, Raws, Fine Chemicals, Intermediate, Peptides Powder, Cosmetics,etc.
New Projects & Customization
Provide Design, Validation and Manufacturing Services With Clients’ Integrated Demand or an Simple Idea!


We are working together to provide you the excellent products and services.