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Product Description

*Appearance:White Crystalline Powder
*Category: White Lyophilized Powder
*Feature: 99% purity
*SPE: 6iu/vial, 10vial/box
*Storage: 2-8°C sealed preservation.
*Exp.: 2 years

Physiological Effect

1. Promotes growth,regulates bone metabolism
2. Regulates substance metabolism
3. Promotes tissue growth
4. Promotes protein synthesis
5. Good for fat-burning
6. Reduces the use of glucose
7. Promotion water and mineral metabolism
8. Anti-aging, brain functional promotion, increasing myocardial and immune functions.
9. Promotes elasticity of the skin
10. Reduce the amount of fat in the body
11. Protects the body’s joints12. Improves the growth the muscle fibers already in the body
13. Weight loss & Improved sleeping patterns
14. Increase in Sexual Desire and Performance
15. Helps to promote strength
16. Increased Energy and Stamina